TOUCAS French jazz accordion player

Crestiano Toucas’musical itinerary is labelled with diversity. Born in France and raised in Portugal and in France, he first go graduated in saxophone, before getting exposed to the magic of   the accordion at the age of 16. Having then decided to dedicate himself to the spreading of this amazing instrument   and its repertory, he got involved in many projects  exploring the versatility and universality of the  accordion, from jazz brazilian Tango to électro and afro- jazz Musette …

                       As a live musician, C. Toucas has been touring with Angelo Branduardi (Italy), Gilbert

                             Laffaille, Charles Dumont, Francis Lemarque, Leny Escudero (France), and recently worked

  ...   ,in USA, Pacific Ocean, Africa, South Koréa                      

Intervening in the school ATLA (actual musics in Paris since 2004)
Compositor for commercials (perfume PARIS YVES ST LAURENT, IBM, Thalys etc
Compositor and interpreter on Albums "Sangue Do Mar" (4**** Jazz magazine),

#120 in iTunes Top 200 Releases United States of America World Chart

TOUCAS Erranza (Beep 20 blows mundi jazz Harmonia),
accordion Project, Stopovers, Buccarest Blues, le voyage et l’exil, Paris …

Collaboration on stage and studio with André DD Ceccarelli, Wladimir Cosma, Jean Félix Lalanne etc
Michel Serrault (coach in the film Albert is malicious of Hervé Pallut), Sabine Azéma (coach in the film Giving Giving of Isabel Mergaut) etc…

Arranger and interpreter for singers such as « Charles Dumont, Angelo Branduardi,
Lény Escudéro, Francis Lemarque, Pascal Bruner etc…

Compositor of the music of the " Last Film Improvised Trip " of Julien Guiol with Jean Claude Dreyffus and of the film « 13 time « of Julia Zantl etc

Participate in recording of « The bark and Core « of Jonathan Pontier, 32 which time of music
ordered by Radio France and acquires " Prix Italia " price from international composition
in 2007 etc


2000: Lesson of harmony jazz – Bill Evans Piano Accadémie with Bernard Maury-Paris
1994-95: Alfortville conservatory – classify Bandonéon-Juan Jo Mossalini-Alfortville(94)
1992-95: Study of composition – Class of Margarita Parise - bets (75)
1991:Diplôme at the end of study saxophone-conservatory national                              

1991: Certificate at the end of study national saxophone-conservatory Brives la gaillarde(19)
1991: Baccalaureate  Civil engineering – Souillac (46)
1980: Study of the accordion and the saxophone in Brives la gaillarde(19)